Our Gastronomic Vision

We designed a menu inspired by the tastiest Argentinian food: Special meat cuts, exotic seasonings, and all the secrets of homemade food recipes. Argentine grills are famous all around the world, and in Florida, we stand above the rest.

Our Argentine restaurant combines the best meat with seasonal vegetables and spices: it’s a mix between the traditional and modern. For fans of seafood, we also have house specialties, such as shellfish, sea fish and octopus. Also, you can’t miss out on trying the best traditional Argentine recipes: empanadas, milanesas and cold cuts. A true Argentine dining experience!

And for the classics, we also have pasta, pizza and burgers. As you can see, in our Argentinian restaurant we have a great variety of dishes and flavors for everyone. You will want to come back all the time!

Certified Dishes

Prime ibp Certified Meats, Homemade Gourmet Pastas, Original Recipes and Argentine Classics.

The wine cellar

Exquisite Selection of the Best Argentine Wines, Full Bar and famous refreshing Sangría

Scrumptious desserts

 If you are one of those who is always craving something sweet, you have to try the unique flavors and textures of Argentine desserts.


During these times, we are taking all kinds of precautions to keep their customers safe amid coronavirus fears. From single-use menus to hand-washing and sanitizing after every transaction, enabling social distance and facilitating curbside pick-ups and drop-in, no-contact deliveries when requested.