Our Desserts

Scrumptious Argentine Treats

Typical Argentinian food includes the most delicious homemade desserts. If you are one of those who is always craving something sweet, you have to try the unique flavors and textures of Argentine desserts. The famous Dulce de Leche is the star of all our presentations. If you are a homesick Argentine, Fuegos del Sur will make you feel at home. Our dessert recipies use ingredients such as dulce de leche, caramel, cream, strawberries, chocolates and so much more. Yummy! 


During these times, we are taking all kinds of precautions to keep their customers safe amid coronavirus fears. From single-use menus to hand-washing and sanitizing after every transaction, enabling social distance and facilitating curbside pick-ups and drop-in, no-contact deliveries when requested.